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Q4 summer final


for applicative <> i got:
xof pf <
> xof pa = xof (\i -> (pf i) (pa i))

and for monad >>= i got:
xof pa >>= k = xof (\i -> (deX (k (pa i))) i)

am i on the right track?


I am not super confident, but I got basically the same thing for the applicative.

For the monad I got (\i -> DeX (k pa) i) I think it is this because pa is of type (Int -> a) and K is of type (a -> X b) so combining them gets you something of type Int -> X b.


My solution is pretty much identical to OP’s:

instance Functor X where
fmap f (Xof pa) = Xof (\i -> f (pa i))

instance Applicative X where
pure a = Xof (\i -> a)
Xof pf <*> Xof pa = Xof (\i ->
case pf i of {f ->
case pa i of {a ->
f a }})

instance Monad X where
return = pure
Xof pa >>= k = Xof (\i -> case pa i of
a -> deX (k a) i)