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Final Project: Winning entries


The results for the Final Image competition are now out!

For the Tuesday section, the winners are

  1. Andrew Blinn: Implemented ray marching to render Signed-distance functions (SDFs) and render this beautiful image.

  2. Tian Li: Used photon mapping for this cool result.

  3. Shengxiang Ji: Produced this neat image using pepth of Field, anti-aliasing, and texture mapping.

  4. Zihao Chen: Built numerous effects, including refraction, anti-aliasing, noise, and depth of field; and produced this result.

  5. Nikola Andrejevic: Cute bokeh effect using a custom hear-shaped aperture.

And for Wednesday:

  1. Zongxin Liu: Used anti-aliasing and depth of field to generate this beauty.

  2. Meng Wei: Implemented anti-aliasing, glossy reflections, and depth of field to this excellent effect.

  3. Jinze Hao: Anti-aliased these colourful spheres.

  4. No one. We got exactly three entries from the Wednesday section!

Congrats to all the winners! You’ll see bonus points on Markus soon.

Andrew and Zongxin, please contact me at csc418tas to collect your trophies.



Andrew Blinn

Any relation to the actual Blinn dude?


haha no, not afaict. i mean, presumably yes, it’s not a super common name, but no known common relatives. here’s the project btw in case anyone’s interested: https://github.com/disconcision/raymarcher