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Exam location confirmation


I can’t get into the exam schedule site now, just want to confirm. Is the location ZZ Vlad? Thanks.


You can still check acorn


Acorn shows “Please refer to your offering division’s exam schedule.”


LOL mine says ZZVLAD


I have the following in my files:
final exam CSC336H1S MON APR 29 PM 2:00 - 4:00 ZZ VLAD

ZZ VLAD Auditorium B, St. Vladimir Institute, 620 Spadina Avenue
(Students should enter via the south doors.)

However, it is the responsibility of the individual to check with the official website.


I just found the official exam listing in a different website than the usual one. It is

I found it through the general A&S site for current students
and clicked on “Exam schedule” (bottom right).

This also teaches us all that deal with software not to change
critical matters on critical times (and without advance warnings).