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[Closed]Looking for 2 or 3 group members in LEC0101(or 0201)


Hey everyone
We are a group of 4 trying to find another 1 or 2 group members
We are determined to get into the CS Post (Specialist and Major), and will strive to get a 90 or higher in this course…(Because the derivative of the POSt cutoff seems to be positive over the years)
Just for reference, I got a 93% on the first assignment (though it is not something about actual coding/cooperation so just for reference ; ) ) and a 90% average on the first 3 assignments in CSC240
All of the team members are awesome awesome people
If you also want to nail the course and are willing to work hard for it, please send me an email shiyu.ma@mail.utoronto.ca
Join us?


Since this group is closed, whoever else is hardworking and looking for a group please message me at olivia.townsend@mail.utoronto.ca :slight_smile: I have a group of 4 and need 1 more member.