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About API sheet not provided for the exam


Unfortunately, it turned out that the API sheet was not provided during today’s exam despite we were told the opposite. In essence, providing an API sheet means that we don’t have to memorize any abstraction of the built-in Class and Interfaces and the regex syntax.

Some might make syntax errors. More importantly, some are even seriously affected as they rely on Interface abstraction on the API sheet to recall the implementation of design patterns. How can we assure that the exam will be marked fairly to those students? For example, for question (3): remove method is missing in the StudentIterator Class that implements the Iterator interface. Does this mistake deserve marks off due to the absence of the API Sheet?


The API did not print. So everyone was in the same situation.

If you make a syntax error that could have been fixed by looking at the API, you will not lose marks.

If you look at the API (on Quercus) it had very little syntax in it. But for the information it did have, we will not deduct marks.

However, you are expected to know what was in the slides. That was part of the course. You had months of access to the slides and less than two days of access to the API.

For the iterator design patterns, we only talked about the need for a next and hasNext method during lectures, on the slides, and in the sample code. The API mentions a remove method that is part of the Iterator interface. If you do not have a remove method that is okay - you will not lose marks for this. If you have spelling errors or other syntax issues that could have been resolved by the API, you will not lose marks for this.

I will be lenient with the Regex info that was provided in the API and will take anything you write on the exam into consideration. However, the API did not include [ ] brackets, for example. So I do not know how you could have practiced regex crosswords, for example, without studying the regex slides at all.

Does this cover everything that you wanted to look up in the API?


remove() is an optional method for Iterator, according to Oracle’s documentation.


Thank you for pointing that out. The API on Quercus is missing this information (and much more).