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A6 marks and remarking OH


A6 marks are now available on MarkUs. We’ll hold an office hour for remarking requests on Monday, April 15 at 1:30PM. The location is BA5287.


I lost marks because my code would not ‘compile’ for lit.fs. This was due to rotate-about-y was not declared in the JSON file. I added rotate-about-y in the test-04.json. The GitHub issue addressed this problem. In OH I was told it was fine to add it in the JSON since we assumed it would be fixed on your end when marking.

I know many others did the same, so feel it is appropriate to post it here. (IE not copy and paste the function, but add it in the JSON test-04)


can you submit a remark request please. we will look into it


Feature for remark is currently disabled on Markus.


@calzare1 should be working now


@t6rinata So we can submit remarks requests through markus or we had to go to the remark OH?


Through markus. However there was a deadline set in markus for A6 remark, it expired and prevented some people from submitting the remark request. So you can just send us an email.


I finished your remark request so you should see my comments in markus.


@t6rinata I will go to the CDF lab today and get the screenshots but could it possibly not compiling on your end because of what @calzare1 posed? After all that is my post on github is referenced.


You code was not compiling because of rotate_about_y.glsl. But I manually fixed that issue. Still getting black screen. Its not a compilation issue, its a glsl issue. @santjere